Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monday, December 31

Hey family!
     It was great to talk to everyone Tuesday!  So it's been a weird week, we had pday and then Christmas, and Elder M has been pretty sick.  I feel I might finally be getting a little bit of it, hopefully not.  But he's been pretty bedridden.  We had like 2 lessons that fell through, so a lot of nothing.  I go on exchanges with Elder P some and Elder K stays with Elder M.  I've been playing a little hackysack with my time, it's a lot of fun.  Learning tricks reminds me a lot of flat ground skating... at least the cool technical tricks, same foot coordination, times getting really close, getting it down pretty good, doing it real clean.  But yeah, it's been annoying, and Elder M is looking a lot better now, and today's pday, and tomorrow's nonproselyte.  Tonight we have to be in by 6 so we'll do stuff at the apartment.
      Oh, I got to go to K and C's wedding on Saturday morning, that was probably the weeks post Christmas highlight.  I'm so glad it finally happened and they're working to get sealed in a year.  They've  been doing great, like their new ward and all that.  It was an interesting wedding, I've never been to one in an LDS church.  It was small and in the Relief Society room, very few people.  It was a mesh of people with his and her families.  He shows so much love for his family.  It was great to get to see them.
     I also got to talk to Elder C a bit, sounds like M had a blessing, and is doing much better.  He's trying to fill his time with good things so he looks for service opportunities and got a bunch of Ensigns.  The fits of intense anger and depression seem gone.  He wears my shirt and tie for lessons at his home.  Even though I barely got to teach him, he was probably the investigator I least wanted to leave.  And C has had his baby girl, so that's cool.  But yeah, that's a brief look in my life.
     Love you all so much!
     Elder Pyron

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