Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday, January 14

Hello family!
     How is everyone! Happy Birthday Rachel!  So this week we've had quite a bit more lessons.  We are working with a lady J and her two kids who are 6 and 8, they have been less active and are coming back, and the boy should be baptized soon.  We are also working with a part member family, the H's.  She is life long less active, he's from the Philippines, they've been married 5 years, has been to church about 10 times, the only 10 times she's been, but we're starting to teach them the lessons, and they were at church Sunday so that is exciting.
     We've got a few lessons with old people from the area book we never thought we could get set up, so those should be exciting this week.  We should have a baptism for J in the singles ward on Saturday, we got to meet with him again the other day, I'm really excited.  We've had a few good visits with a few less actives as well.  Apparently M, the guy in my last area, started doing really well, got medicated, stopped drinking, was doing service and looking really good, but apparently he just got put in jail, so that's pretty disappointing.
     We had interviews the other day.   Elder Ms only been here 2 transfers.  We'll see what is going to happen, the transfer is almost over, and I haven't really heard if the area is getting split.  We've got a stake conference Sunday, it was random and short notice, called for by a General Authority, and there's going to be 4 General Authorities, one of which is an apostle; they've said there's not going to be any boundary change or major leadership changes, and we are very strongly encouraged to bring investigators and less actives, so I'm very curious about this.  There's also a meeting for all stake presidencies and all bishops in the entire valley the Saturday before.  But yeah so that's a lot of the going-ons here.
     We went with J to President Uchtdorf's fireside Sunday night; I really enjoyed that talk.  I recently started eating oatmeal, I heard it fills you up good, so I've been eating that in the AM.  And it's the healthy kind, no sugar or anything.  Also, Greek Yogurt is really good, I love that stuff and I've been getting that as well.  I finally like sweet potatoes, had some for the first time the other day, and they're good; the members had them with some nuts in this weird mix but it's good.  And cooked carrots, broccoli and cauliflower are good, never thought I'd imagine that.  I guess they've still got to be done right, and I think cooked green beans are usually going to be a no go.  But yeah, Let me know if you got questions about anything, Love you all!
Elder Pyron

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