Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday, January 7

Dear Family,
     Things are still going very well.  Elder M's sickness is just about gone.  This week I had a sore throat and then a runny nose, and it's lasted some time, but has never been very severe, it was very manageable.  Things in this area are still rough, but people are finally getting back from out of town and what not.  We had another lesson with J, he read some more 2nd Nephi( where he is in personal study) but it's hard, so now we are just reading Book of Mormon stories.  We've been doing a lot of less active visits, tracting is a lot less eventful, fun and successful here than my last area not to mention it's colder.
     We had dinner the other night with the Albrights, who were just released as mission president of the DC south mission, so that was neat, but no good connections.  We also ate with the Hs, and he served his mission in New Hampshire and had the Summerset ward, and didn't remember the other wards name in that area.  But he knew the lake and covered a lot of it.
     Well there's not a whole lot of other stuff happening, things are still going good with the apartment, Elder M is fun to talk to, and I'm learning a lot.  I just finished Romans, there's a lot of really good stuff in there but a lot I'm not sure I understand.  But yeah.  Keep keeping me updated on home life and with questions and all.  I'll get around to the thank you notes soon.
     For New Years Day (non proselyting) and the preceding Pday, we played some "soccer tennis" with us four on the complexes tennis court, that was fun.  We also went to some outlet malls; I wanted a hoodie, (lost the one I brought but I will probably find it) but I didn't get anything.  They had a Nike and an Adidas one and all that.  That was fun.  We missed them, but apparently another group of missionaries was there at the same time as us. That was about it for New Years. 
     But keep keeping me posted! and Elder P is right next to me right now... he just got a family video of his mom announcing she pregnant and his siblings all crazy and excited, so that's neat.
     Love, Elder Pyron

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