Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17

Hello family!
     So things are going great. Things are way different.  There are at least 10 of the missionaries living in apartments, and in my last zone only 4 did. It's a nice area, like Deep Run, maybe slightly smaller houses..not like Brother Y.  There's some huge man made lakes, and lots of nice trees, it's cool.  I'm way lost though, the roads don't follow the same grid pattern, and there's some hills, and you can't see the strip... it's close to my last area but I feel so far most of the time.      
     So so far the singles ward is amazing.  From the missionaries in my last zone that covered the Willow Springs one, and with my brief experiences with the one back home and in Idaho, this one is way better.  There are a lot of really dedicated and missionary minded people.  I'm excited, and we've got 2 or 3 baptisms coming up, and there were 7 last transfer.  But Cimarron ward has some nice people in there, too.  I still haven't been able to meet a lot of investigators and such.. but we have some cool ones.  One guy M is from Egypt, his dad was killed there for reading and sharing the Book of Mormon, and he came here recently so he could get baptized, but he's waiting for his green card.  Then the singles ward has this guy named J who is from Korea I think, he's got a thick accent but communication works fine.  He's set for Saturday.
     Then there's another kid named J in the Cimarron ward.. he lives with his dad, is 13, and has no member relatives, or close friends.  He was baby sitting for an inactive family, saw a Book of Mormon on the shelf, got really curious, comes to church and has a testimony.  His dad has no interest, but approved baptism, and his mom is coming for Christmas and he's going to ask her.  He's a huge basketball/sports fan, and is pretty dedicated.  When I met him it was night in their apartment complex, and we went to the empty complex weight room to talk.  He reads from the Book of Mormon before every basketball game and practice.  He's just about finished with 2nd Nephi.  He's actually from VA, and used to go to Wizards games all the time.
     Oh, we also have a recent convert in the YSA, this kid named B from VA, and he has Savant's.. I've always wanted to meet one.  He's really nice too.  He has quickly scrolled through calenders from like the past century and has them all memorized.  If you give your year and birthday, of any year, he can tell you the day of the week you were born instantaneously.  Our ward mission leader Brother V showed us that.  When I was talking to B he asked if I preferred the Braves or the Nationals, and I had to go as he was asking, but he was gonna pull all sorts of ridiculous stats... It's so cool.  I don't even know how that works, like a photographic memory, do you store all the numbers, or is it photographic and he like actually recalls the cards or calenders or whatever perfectly, and then he just looks at it in his mind?
     Anyways this brings us to our apartment... its me, Elder P, K, and M. M is my companion.  We all get along super well.  Elder M has learned so much, and he's really fun to talk about things with.  We understand each others brains really well, and have the same type of questioning and understanding.  He's yet to get on my nerves in the slightest.  I think James would like him a lot too.  So like one night he quickly taught us all these very easy and simple mnemonic mind tricks... in 10 minutes I learned the system, AND the first 50 digits of pi. Just like that, I could give them to you now.  He also is the inventor of the technique to lucid dream, and has beneficial applications, and it's like so unknown, but amazing.  Yet it's simple and not that engineered, but it was an idea he had, spent time experimenting with, and has shared with a few friends before his mission, Elder O, and us in this apartment.  I want James to meet him, or at least talk to James about these new things.  Our whole apartment is very similar in ways of thinking and understanding, it's so awesome.  I am so happy right now. Anyways, we drive a corolla, P and K drive a ford fusion I think.  What other questions do you have? Thanks so much for everything!
Love, Elder Pyron

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