Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, March 4

Dear Family,
     So, once again things are going well.  A was confirmed on Sunday, things are great and I'll send pictures soon.  So M's daughter is set for the 16th and we've got a few we're hoping for soon.  There's a Hawaiian family, parents +9 kids, and they've been investigating forever, and almost a year ago the mom and 3 kids were baptized, and things are recently looking good, and hopefully soon we'll set dad and some more of the kids, it's mostly teenage and young adult daughters.  They're all on different levels, but dad especially has been active for a while and holds a calling in scouts. Our ward mission leader, Brother C is Hawaiian and is close with them.
    Saturday we had a ton of service, the last project was supposed to be 2-3 hours, someone in a family is moving, and they wanted their stuff from the family storage unit...10x10x20 filled to the max, so it took forever with a ton of people, to empty it, and find the few boxes the one family member needed from the back, it was ridiculous and that was 1(the biggest and most packed) of 3 units.  So it was digging a huge tunnel in boxes, it was pretty cool.  But then at 4 we realize the Uhaul keys were lost, so there was a whole long process of contacting uhaul, traveling to their office for a spare key, and the ward mission leader was our ride, so we were there til 630, and then he took us and picked up KFC and ate at his house because we hadn't had dinner yet.
   So things are looking good in our area, and M is slowly but surely progressing.  She jokes a lot about her baptism, she knows it's coming.  We're going to again teach about it and then set her with a date.  We're still working on this inactive list, and we've had some success, and it's really interesting hearing about different less actives feelings and thoughts towards the church and themselves... everyone is so unique...
   We met one guy the other day, we were asked to visit, he's older, and his wife who was an active member just died... she was sealed to her husband, then he died, and she had been married to this man, E for 19 years.  He's a really good and smart old guy, originally from Norway but his English is great... he really loved her.  Apparently though he is extremely well acquainted with the church... and has been taught several times, and really admires and loves the church, so we'll have to figure out what his hold up is soon.
   In Cimarron ward there's a group of 3 older people (2 of which were long time inactive, one was baptized 5 years ago and has been active) but they are all taking the temple prep classes so the bishop has asked us to teach them the missionary lessons, as a refresher as well.  One of them talks a lot, but it's fine.  But yeah that's kind of things here.
  Elder Pyron

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