Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday, March 18

Dear Family,
     Things are going good, the weather is great.  This week we had a lot of lessons cancel which was rough but we got to meet with quite a few inactives.  This coming week looks great, we have a lot of lessons planned and it looks like we can do a lot.  A was baptized Saturday which went great, even though it had a bunch of last minute difficulties.  And President Black happened to come, but Bishop Clawson is super clutch and things went great.
     We got a new investigator hopefully, a couple in Cimarron ward in their 60s, have a daughter who had a baby and just got married, and her now husband came to church and is real nice, so hopefully we can reactivate her and teach him.  He's got a really busy schedule as a truck driver but we've got an appointment for Sunday at 3. 
     It's crazy how fast time flies,  I'm at 8 months today.  That's a long time to see the changes in peoples lives and all, especially thinking back to people I first new in my last area. And Mother's Day is coming up which is crazy.  I don't even know when it is but it's gotta be sometime. (Nathanael is able to call home on Mother's Day)
      It's getting too warm too fast, I'm not excited for summer, heat isn't nearly as enjoyable in pants a shirt and tie and dress shoes without being able to swim.  Everyone's got pools too.  And no we didn't celebrate St Patrick's Day, but some random older people invited us to lunch with them yesterday, (no mention or hint of Saint Patrick's Day) but they fed us cabbage soup, which was a big bowl of water, with about four small little leaves of cabbage that dissolved when you touched them.  
     But yeah, so yesterday we did a little family home evening with the S's (an active family) and we brought J and her kids so that went great at she got to meet more people, her kids got to meet some more people, and the S kids had such a great famliy home evening, they're a really cool family.  And I think it was great for J as there's not a lot of people in that ward that would click with her I guess as it's a LOT of old people.  But B is kind of difficult to teach and Brother S did a great job relating the Holy Ghost to the rat in ninja turtles, it makes me really want to watch them, I really feel deprived... action, dark city scape, goofy but cool reptiles doing ninja things....  
     Elder Pyron

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