Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday, March 11

Dear Family,
     So this week has been good of course.  We taught a good amount, A is going to be baptized Saturday, and we've got a few loosely set.  We got a ton of inactive and part member families referred and contacted last week, so we are excited to be meeting with them shortly.
     We got to go to the Zions Youth Symphony, and brought A, M and their fellowshipping family the Bs, but the last concert was way better I swear.  Today at Walmart (in my old area) we ran into quite a few people I knew, including C's grandma who works there.  She's doing great, she just gave a talk in sacrament meeting which is a huge deal (she was less active for a long time, is older, and has a strong accent) and C is still going to church.  So that's exciting; we had found them by going through a random list of all the members in the directory for the Sundance apartment complex, and she hadn't been to church in years just because, and now she's active with her grandson so that feels really cool.
     I also recently found out that C was finally able to change up his work schedule, has been fully active, and was able to bless his baby daughter in sacrament meeting which is amazing.  It's so cool to see the amazing fruits from visits like those, to random inactive people.  Both of them were found by the same Sundance apartment list, and the other lady, Sister T, lived in there and we met with her some, and now she's almost ready to go through the temple for her first time.
    But the work is still going well here, recently we had two dinners where teenage kids brought nonmember friends, which is cool even though neither have gone anywhere yet.  I don't know if I mentioned A and Z yet, but they are 10 and 8, living with their grandma, but they were being taught a little north of here and just moved to the ward.  The grandma is really nice and used to date a member, who gave A her own Book of Mormon with her name on it and a case, and A has been going to church for two years now, and loves to read the Book of Mormon, and her little brother loves it too.  They are still attending their old ward, but we've got them coming to our Thursday night activities.  We should be able to baptize A and her brother as soon as we get the stuff figured out.  They are very attentive and smart.  The grandmother works near the strip, and gets home late Saturdays so it's hard for her to get up in time for church, but she takes A and Z when she can.  Otherwise they get a ride, which they themselves seek out, and they always wake up their grandma Sunday mornings so she can take them to church The grandma I think knows the church is true, and admitted that she knows she will "fully commit herself sometime".
     So that's some of the exciting happenings here, continue to let me know how all you are and I'll try to do better at writing and get an SD card out soon!
     Elder Pyron

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