Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monday, December 3

Hey family!
     I just read Bompa's email.  I'm doing great.  We had C's baptism Saturday which went really well. We got a car that we will have for a little over a week.  It's a dark gray Chevy Cruze, we were the first in the mission to drive one.  It's nice, but so is the weather.  We taught V the third lesson last night, she loves it and understands really well, and really wants to get baptized.  We got a new investigator L who has been married to a member for 20 years and her activity has fluctuated some.  But he's a really good guy and we're excited.  He's been out of work for two years, but he works hard on finding jobs, and doing what he can.  He really loves the church and after 20 years has seen how truly good people we are.  I was on exchanges a while back with our Elders Quorum president (only time we've ever done that) and I dropped of a Thanksgiving basket and he saw me, so we talked and he was really appreciative, and has been to church twice since, with his wife who doesn't normally come.  There a good family, they've got a nice clean home, and are really nice people.  They've got a daughter with 2 young grandkids living there as well.  So I'm really excited for him.
     We also got in with a former from the area book the other day who was really nice.  He's a guy in his 40s named B, and we talked in his home for about 40 minutes.  He has known and loved missionaries for about 10 years, but hasn't really given the message much of a chance, he just knows it's a good one.  He wants to do like weekly Bible study so that should be fun.  Our stake also just had a Christmas concert we got to bring investigators to and that was really good.  They did different Christmas songs with all sorts of genres, but the stake has a lot of talent, and they had a group to come and do the sound and all, ward members had to take shifts sleeping in the gym to guard all the sound equipment.  C was at church yesterday, his wife is expecting soon so he's off work for a few weeks.
     We've been playing basketball in the mornings, 2s with another companionship and M.  One of the other missionaries doesn't play so he writes in his journal or plays piano, but it's a lot of fun.  Oh, and our move to M's is delayed because he has finals and is home later, so were going on like the 12th or so.  And with all the new missionaries, we just heard that after upcoming transfer, Evergreen and Westcliff Ward are going to be their own areas.  That's going to be crazy, I'll probably be gone though, but maybe not so President can avoid double transferring people into a new area.  Or it increases my likelihood of leaving this transfer, on the 9th, so that two missionaries will have been here a full transfer when they break.  But probably not. 
     Time goes by fast.  I'll wrap up now, but let me know if you have any questions.
Love you all so much!
Elder Pyron

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