Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Friday, December 14, 2012

Monday, December 10

 Dear family,

     So first off I’m getting transferred...tonight to Redrock Stake right next door.  So crazy stuff.  I’m covering the Cimmaron Ward and the Redrock Singles Ward, btw it’s a real wealthy area I hear.  It’s close though, the building this singles ward meets in is in Westcliff Ward boundaries, but no overlap besides that.  Its weird, I never thought I’d miss these people so much.  But I already miss some a ton.  Things were picking up big time so it’s real sad.  I didn't get to say as many goodbyes yesterday as I would have liked, but I’ll see people around, and I might try and write some.  Yesterday after church we saw the Ts and K for a bit, then we went to Ms for dinner, and then we went to the Js for Preach My Gospel.  I was hoping to visit the Ms, Ms, C, Rs, Ms, A, and  C and maybe some more but oh well.  The ward K moved to (1 minute out of Westcliff boundaries) meets at the singles ward building so I’ll probably see him, and we pass the M, Ms, T, and really the whole Westcliff Ward to get there. 
     After PMG I gave J and J signed ties.  It’s ridiculous how much I’m going to miss a lot of these people.  The Ms, I haven’t mentioned a whole lot in emails, but I probably should have.  C should be having his kid real soon, if not already, December 10th is what they said a while back.  Our investigators are doing good to, we  taught a long lesson with C the other day, who knows the gospel well, has been coming to church almost a year.. she home schools her two kids.  From the home school thing she is friends with some members and has been coming for a while.  She’s a really great lady, and has studied many religions, of all sorts.  We taught L again, the Spirit was very strong, and he told a story about his son a long time ago who drowned, and was being rushed in an ambulance and he was following speeding, and praying, and he miraculously recovered with no brain damage. 
     We also taught M again, he’s so interesting.  The lesson went great, he had read quite a bit from the BOM and found himself a favorite scripture.  He’s so broken and all from his past.  Wait have I mentioned him? It was our second lesson this week with him.  He’s a super rough guy, recently out of jail, almost 30 years old.  He’s white, about 6'1, muscular type build,  long black hair in a pony tail pulled tight and the bottom part of his hair is all shaved off like a Native American thing, he has a little beard with lines shaved through it, and he has scars all over his face and arms.  Our first lesson was nuts.  He was very interested and wanted baptism badly, but has a long path.  He’s very angry, but very eager.  He sits there scarily angry about the bad things he sees in the world, and about his actions in the past... but cries so sincerely with happiness and hope.  He’s clearly confused  and lost but open..  Second lesson he for the most part wasn’t so angry.  He had read from the Book of Mormon, loved it, believes it to be true, and was overall much more happy.  He brought up on his own how he knows he has a long way to go, and that Satan has chains all over him through his addictions. We didn’t even teach the Word of Wisdom.  He was sitting right next to me and smoked a ton, and it was like a cloud of smoke around me the whole time, but I left and didn’t have a hint of smoke on me.   I sat there 45 minutes...  He said he started drinking as a young child, and has a long ways to go obviously.  He gets so happy when we are there, crying, and he is just so indescribably genuinely happy.  He’s excited to fill his life with good things.  He came to church Sunday, he got there 20 minutes early, said he’d stay the whole thing, spent a good amount of time talking to us and M and D.. and he so genuinely delights in meeting happy people.  As rough as he looks the people that met him loved him.  He was wearing some big black jeans, a black unzipped hoodie, and a white shirt with skulls and stuff on it, and was so embarrassed by the reflection of the life he has lead, but was so happy to be there.  He sang every hymn, and after each song, was a little embarrassed and said he tried his best.  He was very attentive and loved it.  At the end of the sacrament meeting, he was still real happy and enjoyed it, but said he had a doctor’s appointment and apologized and left, and said goodbye to the people he had met.  It was sad.  We stopped by his house later because I had said I would get him a shirt and tie because I have one that’s a little too big, but he wasn’t home.  He walks everywhere, no car. 
     So Elder C is training and his greenie's first lesson is with M on Tuesday morning so that should be fun.  We also saw T again. Again, he’s gone, said he was drinking Jack Daniels and cough syrup. He basically stands in his front yard all day at this mad house with like 20 people, some of which are normal.  It's like 8 at night, and we're standing in his front yard, and this old Cadillac out of nowhere pulls up into his front yard right where were standing, and this guy is in there and he like yells, and a lady comes out of the house, gives him a wad of cash through the window, and he gave her a Walmart bag full of something and she goes back inside.  Then he’s like hey elders! and said he’s in the Rainbow Vista Spanish ward, just had elders over for dinner (he had their names right) and said that he was baptized 10 years ago or something, and said his wife sells tamales (that’s what was in the bag) and T is just standing there completely out of it, and then the guy says bye, pulls out and leaves.  So weird. As gone as T is, it's weird how intelligent of things he’ll occasionally say… like about the resurrection, or war in heaven even…so I’m confused about him. 
     On my last SD card there’s a picture of a guy walking with jeans pulled up high, and he’s all tatted and shirtless... I took that a while back cause he looked funny, but met T a month later and just realized that was him in the picture. So there he is.  I want to go back and get a picture with him before I head out, but probably not. 
     So Elder P is leaving Mesquite and going to Redrock and will be in the same 4 man apartment as me so that should be crazy, but good, we both work hard.  Elder M is my new companion... he’s best friends with Elder O who is one of my zone leaders who I recently went on exchanges with.  I like them both a lot… they’re both interesting, and love to learn, and are into neat things.  Elder M is a tiny kid, not into sports at all, but I’m excited, he seems real neat, and he’s really smart.  There’s all sorts of ideas that he and Elder O have that they work on together, wish I had time to explain those.  But O thinks we’ll get along really well.  And maybe in the mornings me and Elder P can go on exchanges to go play basketball.  But yeah, so that’s that, I’m almost done packing and I’m really going to miss a lot of the missionaries here as well, but there’s a few good ones in this zone as well, all my friends here in the Las Vegas Zone just about are leaving anyways Elders B, S, B...  I’ll miss Elders H and D a lot though.  We might get to play basketball in the mornings with Elders H, D and C since I cover that area where they play.  This morning we played for our last time (most likely) it was kind of sad.  But I’m really excited, and hey rich areas can’t be too bad at Christmas time huh? 
     I love you all so much!
     Elder Pyron

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