Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 19

Dear family, 
     So this library is more busy. Music would be great since you asked.  I'll hopefully get some letters and SD card in the mail today; it's a pain; I wrote a few like over a week ago, but before I get around to sending I always want to add more or something, and sometimes don't, but want to, and I just never feel ready to send.  I promise I'll get something in the mail by tomorrow.  Being so busy and everything journal writing is rough, I want to write for 40 minutes about everything that happened in the day, or nothing at all.  I hate the incompletion but it's just me being dumb.  I want to get like a voice recorder so I can just relax and hit everything, and with more detail.  So I'll soon send some pictures with our place.

     Our area is one long giant hill.  It got chilly a few days ago, and I bought a jacket.  It's way too hot with that, I bought a pretty nice one I really like from Ross, but it may not come out too often, it gets hot in there.  But it hasn't been too cold, and even at night it feels great in short sleeves.  Elder C always needs a jacket, but it's not bad at all.
     So for Thanksgiving we're set to win the turkey bowl, and then were allowed two dinners, we've got one at the Ws, one at the Ts, and one at Cs. We're not sure what times we're going to do and all, we are only supposed to eat at 2, and Cs is later so we might swing by in the evening or something.  That one will be all nonmember family.
     So the work is still doing great, and picking up, and my drive to write all about them all is going down, maybe because I share the joy more with Elder C and I don't have the same urge to share, maybe I'm getting dull to it, maybe my drive to write in general has dropped.  So we finally got in again with K.  We met again with T and A, and again they are high and drunk out of their minds, but we brought a member who was able to get really personal with T, telling him how he used to be the exact same, and they were speaking in Spanish for that part, it's crazy, we're all just on the porch, and A is talking to me and Elder C, and keeps doing his signature 'random page random verse' and reading from the Book of Mormon.  He just talks and talks, but we kept him distracted I guess while Thomas and the member talked in Spanish; the member was all excited and wearing a nice suit with a nice tie that matched his handkerchief and everything and T was shocked and he told him we don't teach the Word of Wisdom to control them but to bless them.  There were a lot of really funny things that happened, I don't have time to explain.  But so were not allowed in the house because I guess the step dad or something hates us, and there was another guy also on the porch with us, high out of his mind, just sitting in the background, shaking and petting his dog.  They're all really nice though.  We do it outside every time btw.
     So C who I mentioned we're teaching is still doing great, and we're excited for him.  C is so innocent and all; he's so small, clean, cute and innocent.  He's a great little kid.  And he always mentions in his prayers something about wanting for his brother to be a good example (he was baptized at 8, doesn't go to church).  We're doing a FHE there tonight.  We've got a ton of potentials who are looking promising that were picking up faster than we know what to do, but also a lot of lessons that fall through.  Saturday I've got two baptisms from Elder Gs area I might go to.  We just met the other day with a guy who is new to Vegas, with a good testimony.  He lives alone with his son who is 20, and at 14 suffered a paralyzing injury so he's in a wheelchair, and his upper half is functional.  He's a really nice kid, and he's going to start going to the singles ward.  He hasn't been to church in about a year, but I'm excited for him.  But yeah, there's probably so many people I haven't really covered yet, and so many experiences.
     Oh we met with S, he made us a nice a breakfast, and then just wanted to bash really.  He didn't want to bash, but he didn't invite us with the intent of learning, but out of curiosity and because he liked our company I guess.  He ended up calling his pastor who just talked on speaker phone for 20 minutes and refused to let us speak a word, so it was lame.  He's apostolic.  His big things were that the Holy Ghost can come by the laying on of hands, but doesn't have to, and the confirmation that it has is when you speak in tongues.  He told us we're clean living enough, that we, like them, could kneel with our hands in the air in praise, and within a few minutes speak in tongues.  So that visit was neat.  To prep and for fun really, I read the whole Book of Revelation, it's really neat, and really enlightening in some ways, but some things make absolutely no sense to me.  I want to talk more about that, Elder G was into that deeper stuff but Elder C isn't.  But my times running low.
     For Christmas, I'm thinking Kobe 6s,( I played outside some in mine, and I just love them so much), ties, music, speakers, another g-shock, a voice record thing, sharpies, I don't know, those are just some ideas.  New socks.  But I've got 10 more minutes so I'll send this now.  Oh the mission tour was cool, Elder Echo Hawk has one of the coolest conversion stories and stuff.  Love You all so much!! 
     Elder Pyron

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