Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monday, November 12

Hey Family!
     So it's been another good week, the work is picking up a ton.  We've been tracting and going hard and we've got a ton of appointments set for this week, it's crazy.  We have one baptism set with a date, December 1!  His name is C, I think I mentioned him last time, but we've taught him 2 lessons, he came to church and things are looking way up, he's really smart and excited.  We also got some appointments set with some more we tracted into.  One lady was super nice, said she's agnostic and practices Wicca, and she has this super creepy voodoo doll tattoo.  She said she knows the Bible well, used to be Jehovah's Witness, but is very eager to learn and read from the Book of Mormon.  She is an extremely kind lady as well.  I think I mentioned S last time, but let me know if I didn't.  We tracted into one guy who was extremely happy to see us, we have an appointment set for tomorrow afternoon, and he was saying at the door how he recently cheated on his wife and life has been awful and he needs Christ.  He was very sincere and very happy.  He was about 50.  We've gotten a handful of referrals, and got some appointments set with some old investigators we found in the area book or just hadn't been in touch with in forever.  So things are going awesome.       
     Yesterday our zone was asked to usher at the Las Vegas Zions Youth Orchestra or something in the Smith Center, so we saw two shows and were there from 215 to 945.  It was really cool, you guys should check it out.  From the two wards I cover combined we had about 10 youth in it.  So it's been really cold, we bike up hill straight into cold wind, my hands get numb and it's pretty brutal.  I think today I'm going to buy more sweaters and maybe a jacket and gloves.  On Monday by the way I was able to find some pants at Ross, I bought two clearance pairs $13 each, there both dark gray.  
     I'll try to get some stuff in the mail.  We've got our Turkey bowl coming up and I think we can win.  We get our shirts tomorrow.  One zone challenged us last Tuesday, and they had already played and beat 4 other zones and were really excited and cocky.  A few of them even had just bought brand new cleats and gloves and all.  It was our first time playing and we beat them, and they left without saying anything, it was hilarious.  But they have one player who plays wide receiver for BYU, so that was fun.  Hes doesn't take it all serious like the other ones though, so he's cool.  So we're playing again with just our zone for Pday activity today.
     Oh so we talked with a guy that has known the missionaries in this area very well for a long time, and apparently in Sundance apartments a while back some missionaries saw a guy getting chased by another with an ax, which I think is hilarious, and nuts obviously.  Oh I've been eating a ton of bananas, and I had always seen people with those little banana hangers so I threw some of mine over a hanger, and it's amazing!! They don't bruise at all, and they'll get super sweet with no brown spots! Find a nice green bunch and hang them on something, it's like bananas on crack.  I also eat a lot of yogurt if your curious, The Great Value banana cream pie, and vanilla are really good  and I put sunflower seeds in there.  Let me know what other things your curious about.
     I've kind of dropped my New Testament study temporarily to study Preach My Gospel, it's so good!  I think I'm ready to go back to the New Testament though.  Ok I'm going to wrap up now.
     Love, Elder Pyron
 PS Answers to your questions: Not much veggies, carrots occasionally.  Salads good though.  I heard eating too many bananas can be really bad for you, research that and let me know please.  S is a very unique guy we met, he had a chair nailed to his roof to represents Obama's empty chair or something, had Romney spray painted on his windows, and was full of obscure Biblical prophecies about things that are happening now, and Obama being a servant of Satan.  He knew an okay amount about Mormons and really agreed with just about everything we discussed.  He talks a ton, but wants to meet with us, so hopefully we can make it meaningful.  He's also got like 5 HUGE dogs that stay inside and bark and howl a ton, I'm scared to ever go in.  Things are going good (with my companion) we get along. He loves Atlanta, loves sports, and is BYUs biggest fan on the east coast. He's a great missionary, and likes just about everyone.  But anyways hopefully I'll get you some stuff in the mail soon.  And this week we're at the normal library and yes on bike.  Last week we carried our groceries home on bike which is no fun.

Here is a link to the Las Vegas West Mission blog, with information on the Zion's Youth Symphony (November 12 entry):

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