Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24

Dear Family!
     How are things going? Thank you so much for the package! That was incredible! Everything was great!  Just curious who picked out the tie?  Oh, did you guys get the SD card?!?! please email back.  So things are going great with me, we picked up a new investigator!  We got a referral for a lady named K, she works at a local gas station. She has 6 kids.  She's Catholic, and was picked up by some missionaries street contacting.  We covered the whole first lesson and she was very excited to read from the Book of Mormon.  As we were talking, we found out two of her daughters used to be good friends with two of the T's daughters and so Sister T has met her and is really excited to help fellowship her and give her rides to church.
     I have been on a bike this week.  The one I was handed down is AWFUL.  It's a mountain bike, real old, too small, and the previous owner did a lot of like make-shift adjustments and installments.  We only had to ride a total of 4 days though.  15 miles the first, 18 the second, 10 the third, and I don't know about yesterday, probably only like 6.  We got a new Corolla this morning.  I am glad, my bike had brake pads always rubbing, and a bent rim. And Elder Mendez has a nice, new street bike.  On Friday I bunny hopped off a little like ramp curve and got a flat, and then I had to ride almost a mile with no tube in it, it was kinda fun though.  Except it's scary, there are a lot of big mean dogs with really low fences.  Oh and on the bike, the previous owner left duct tape all around the handle bars, and the glue or whatever just melted in the sun all summer, so I had to use paper towels, and constantly replace them the first two days, but it's pretty much all gone.  And I had to do a little work on the brakes so they didn't rub so hard (they were bent and the screw didn't do anything) so I got some rubber band on there, so now the brakes are pretty much useless.  But anyways, I learned quite a bit about bikes, and my experience with them is over. But on Thursday night we were leaving our appointment  a little late (about 10) and we were driving by the Pirate's Cove apartments and we heard 4 gunshots, real close, and right after we heard them, this big lifted truck with gold rims sped out and disappeared.  We never heard anything more about it, so I dont know what happened, but it was exciting. 
     Oh, we got another new investigator the other day too.  I haven't met her or anything, she comes from a part member less active family, is 10, and just decided she wants to be baptized, and her parents are very excited. She has been coming to church for years apparently with her grandma who lives on our street.  Oh, and we went by to visit the M for our appointment, and apparently C and A's mom moved and took them or something, we are not sure when they will be back.  We were able to have lunch at the stake patriarch's house the other day.  Their family is fellowshipping K, and so they had her there and we did a question answer thing.  There was nothing too tricky she asked. She asked if we believe in ghosts, how prophets are chosen, and why we don't have pictures in the chapel. So that was good. 
     A couple days ago I got to go on splits with two other trainees, while our trainers were at a leadership meeting. It was a lot of fun, and was probably my best day from the mission so far.  I really enjoyed getting to know both of them a lot better (Elder S and Elder B), and I think we were all able to learn a lot from each other, and it was a lot of fun serving.  I really didn't want the day to end.  Elder S is from all over, mainly Venesuala, Miami, and Utah.  His whole life his family was inactive.  When he was 17 he recognized all he was missing in life, started to prepare for a mission, and has gotten his parents back into church as well.  Which isn't THAT atypical or anything, except that he is this really quiet, reserved and spiritual guy, that gives absolutely no such vibes of his past.  He is so humble. I had never met someone quite like that.  We both have a lot of interest in the same types of art and thinking, and we talk a lot.  (We always have at district meetings and pday activities and all, I just never knew any of his story) Elder B is from Arizona, and all 3 of us shared an increased desire to serve, and it was a really great day, and we accomplished a lot. 
     C is still doing well, and we were able to visit her again. I am getting really excited for conference, I never thought I could feel this way about it.  It is so amazing we get to hear the prophets inspired word from God about issues and things pertaining to US at THIS time.  I am sure there are other things I could talk about, but I will wrap it up. Oh, while I've got time, one scripture I found a while back, and that I find really cool is somewhere in Ether.  Sorry I don't have a reference maybe chapter 6, but it's about the Brother of Jared, and they get all their friends in families into the barges.  So they take this ENORMOUS leap of faith.  And while they are in the barges for 344 days, they sing, rejoice, and praise the Lord.  All while there are "mountain" waves and what not.  It would be so hard to not lose faith for even a little.  I'm not even a father, but can you imagine being in that situation, and even once thinking that you possibly just basically sentenced your wife and kids to death, by following a vain impression to follow, and do something as pointless and dangerous as herd them all into a barge and go across the sea? Just one little thought along those lines, one thought over the course of 344 days with terrible storms and waves... but that's not even my favorite part.  Those waves and storms that can so easily scare them into losing faith, are the same waves that are pushing them across the sea to the promised land.  So often in life we see those waves that come with taking steps of faith, and it is so easy to perceive those things as dangerous.  But as we do as they did, and hold faith, knowing that we have a perfectly loving and all knowing Father in Heaven whose goal is our happiness, we can see those waves for what they really are.  It also reminds me of when Peter is walking on the water, and just SEES the winds coming, and loses faith and falls.  (But the Savior catches him)  but I guess that story is a little different. I love sharing the brother of Jared things as spiritual messages after dinner appointments, I hate reusing some because there are hundreds of things I could use, but that story is just so meaningful and symbolic, and is overall just a personal favorite from all the things I have found.  There is something in that relates to everyone we visit, and is great for opening a spiritual discussion.  It is simple but deep.  And I had never or at least never remember hearing it until I read it, and it stuck, so it just feels really personal.  So I guess that's my thought.  I don't reuse it because it's easy, but because I just love it.  Anyways, enough of that.  Keep keeping me posted on the stuff of Richmond and your personal lives and all!  Let me know what ya wanna know!
Elder Pyron

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