Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, March 10 2014

Nathanael's brother James received his mission call on Thursday.  He will serve in the Canada Montreal Mission, French speaking.  He will enter the MTC on June 25.  Nathanael is scheduled to complete his mission on July 15.
Dear family,                                
I’m really excited for James, it’s been bugging me the past couple of days.  I’ve met a few people on my mission that served French in Canada, not sure which missions, but that's exciting.  Well it’ll be 4 years I guess, so I might as well not bother with endeavoring to build a relationship with him, doesn't sound like a worthwhile investment, so sorry James if you don't hear from me for a long time.  Just kidding.  Go catch an Expos game.
So it’s been a pretty average week.  oh so mom "I hope you are happy to be on a mission still"... what’s that about?  Are my emails lacking? I thought you guys were kinda hearing enough about the people.  But anyway, it’s been a pretty fun week.   Monday night we had a nice lesson and visit with T and L, they wanna read the book of Mormon in 90 days with the ward so that's exciting.
We met with B again the other day.  He showed us his portfolio... it’s ridiculous, how good he is.  I learned a lot about film making though.  I had no idea how much stuff in movies is totally fake.  He had over 250 model making trophies and that was all on the side apart from his career.  It’s cool.  He showed us pictures from things in a whole lot of movies... like a dumpster in Die Hard that I would never guess is fake, but had his address on it, or Japanese graffiti in Godzilla that has says his name, or the fact that there are tiny R2D2s snuck onto every plane that crashes in Airforce I.  So that was super cool.  Anyway, he’s reading the Bible now, and came to church Sunday.
We do a lot of walking around and have met quite a few good people with street contacts, one guy H, stopped us to ask for a prayer and we’re meeting with him tonight.  Transfers are today and were staying together.  We had basketball Saturday night.  I caught 2 two hand oops in games, and as of Monday I can two hand 360 with consistency, hadn't tried it before Monday.  Friday morning we went over to some other missionaries who live with a really rich member with a gym separate from their home and worked out, it was fun and I want to start doing that regularly.
Saturday we did service most of the day.  While we were waiting for some other missionaries we went to a yard sale and we hung out there for almost 30 minutes waiting.  I played catch with their 6 year old son about the whole time and talked to the mom and grandma, and Elder B bought a pair of his old toddler size Jordans to hang from the mirror in our car.
If you’re curious, I’m still eating more healthy.  For almost 3 months now my basically daily breakfast has been a can of salmon with half an avocado and grapenuts in it.  I just invented a new lunch I really like... a tortilla with a chopped up grilled chicken breast, the other half of my morning avocado, cheese, and sriracha.  We’ve been hittin’ up the 99cent store quite a bit, they seem pretty unbeatable on a lot of things.  We’re also pretty good friends with E who I mentioned earlier, and he works there, so we swing by to grab lunch lot and see him.  Well anyway, let me know if you guys have any questions, I guess I’ll wait to hear from James in a letter!
Take care,

Love, Elder Pyron

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