Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11

Dear Family,
     This week has been good, very different but very good.  So me and Elder R get along great and it’s been fun.  We have good conversations.  So the struggles are different and unique, and not that big, it’s just so different. 
     We had great lessons this week too.  We taught S and N the Word of Wisdom.  They said they had kind of panicked because they knew they were far from baptism and didn’t understand a lot of these things to be anything more than just a rule.  So it was great, and they love and understand the idea of our bodies being temples and being "free" is key to letting the Spirit guide. (I like to paraphrase their understanding or mindset in my own words).  
     Then we saw J and P.  They eagerly were waiting for us, at the table with Books of Mormon. He read this time, and they asked a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon, and they said they both felt that they’ve been missing something and that they feel it’s time to accept. He said he took forever to successfully use AA and when he did it was when he finally swallowed his pride and accepted it, and he’s had a good, but ungrowing relationship with God for the 20 years since then, and from that experience knows that he shouldn’t be slow to accept God, to grow.  So they’re really excited.  They are always out of town truck driving except Thursdays and this was their week off so they came to church!  They enjoyed it.  To give you an idea of these people, we know a neighbor of theirs who is in the ward.  His kids know him as "crazy John" and they go over to his house to play.  This member in ward counsel described him as "the guy at a formal adult situation, that finds the well behaved kids, gets them riled up, and starts the water fight." So he’s a cool funny guy.  Just really fun.  So hopefully things are well for them this week. 
     Unfortunately we had an awful (from a missionary perspective) sacrament meeting. The talks were just war stories for Veteran’s Day, and nothing gospel.  And 3 of the 4 hymns were patriotic.  But the speakers were pretty "loose" I guess so hopefully it’s a group or whatever that John would want to feel a part of, it was boringly formal or whatever I guess.  The speakers were at least themselves. 
     We also taught L again, it was another fun lesson; all the kids are well behaved and excited.  It’s amazing some of the spiritual things or ideas little kids can understand.  I asked L why she thinks we had to get bodies, and she said "so we can do things like swim, and move under the water, and play with our families."  It was great, such a good spirit of love in their home.  5 kids ages 7-11 and they were all so behaved and reverent, but not boringly so.  And they were all super excited and ready for us to come over.
     We also taught L, M's fiancé.  They’ve been coming to church, but it’s been hard to catch them.  M has little gospel knowledge, but is so happy that L comes to church willingly.  L is a really good guy.  He’s like 6'2”, pretty average build, kind of dresses and looks like a tough guy, goatee, works at Big O, usually wears like Lynyrd Skynyrd shirts or whatever, but also has a really kind soft face.  They actually ordered pizza for us before the lesson too.  L is really quiet and shy but genuine and sweet.  The lesson started out pretty awkward and weird, but the spirit got strong throughout, and L being shy was slow to open which made it hard, but we could see his face kind of turning redder and redder throughout the lesson, and at the end we asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said "yes".  Then everyone started talking about how great he is.  M told how he brings so much good into their home, and it’s the first time she’s had like a "clean" man, and then C and K talked about the example he’s been to them, and he’s kind of shy, but all he can ever reply to compliments is things like "well, you’ll learn why one day, you’ll learn life isn’t about you, it’s about helping those around you" and it’s so good and genuine.  And he’s a really hard worker too, 6 days 12 hours a day.  But we’re really excited for them.  He said "I’ve just been loving Christ and God too long, but its time I need to "get more in the word", so he’s going to read the Book of Mormon and all.  So that’s most of the good stuff from this week.
     Oh, the other night the sisters called and asked if we could come give J a blessing.  It was good, she said she felt so much lighter after I gave the blessing, and we talked for quite a while, she was so glad to see me again, and it was just a good Spirit in her home.  And we got to talk to C a little bit. 
     So things have been good.   
     Elder Pyron

We saw J and C last night.  They like my new companion.  He plays lacrosse and J plays hockey so they bonded over the similarities there.  He's from Tennessee.

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