Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Monday, October 7

Dear Family,
Of course things are well here.  Conference was great of course as always.  It’s good to hear the girls enjoyed it.  We’ve met quite a few new less actives from the 3rd ward that we are excited to be working with.  One most frequently is a lady, she was married in the temple about 25 years ago, but the marriage ended bad fast.  She’s got a son that was raised by her parents and served a mission and everything.   She is well on the path back, has read the Book of Mormon 2x, and now is in the Old Testament.  She has trouble with her memory and communication, but she’s really sincere.
          Tuesday we had a cool little experience.  I decided to bike down J’s street and happened to catch him outside.  We talked for a bit, he was really glad and appreciative and we had a good brief talk, then we were heading by a familiar apartment complex and saw a woman that we knew, in her motor wheel chair trying to get her shopping cart over a curb to bring home.  I hopped off my bike to take it, and Elder F followed bringing my and his bike(which is kind of hard) but a second later, an SUV pulled up, and S hopped out and helped.  We got the groceries to her place and in and then I finally got a minute to say hi and thank S, and I noticed he looked awful and had been crying. He told us he had just watched his grandmother pass away over skype, and needed a prayer.  He didn’t want anything more than that so we prayed with him, and he said "it’s neat that I’m not even Mormon, but I just knew I needed a prayer, and I find you guys."  So that was good.
We also saw K sitting out in the complex talking at the little neighborhood picnic bench which was great to see.  He’s a less active, he smokes, he’s about 50, he’s a really nice guy and used to come to church (alone) but we hadn’t seen him in a while, and were really worried he was depressed and spent all day drinking, and no one had seen him in forever (we scout out info from the neighbors) but he was out there and we got to say hi and he seemed well.
Wednesday morning we talked to W again for a bit.  Hopefully we’ll get to play basketball with him sometime soon.  We talked about conference and it was good, he really does want to meet more, but really is really busy.  He felt really bad for not studying.  He works a night shift and is a busy guy, but we’ve got a good relationship, and it’s clear the Spirit is telling him something whether he realizes it or not.  Every time I really start to think he’s just a nice guy, he says something really sincere about wanting us to keep trying, and thanking us.
We’ve been tracting some and have some people were hoping to work with.  One’s a Polynesian family from Salt Lake.  Elder F's still plugging along on his beach cruiser bike.  I’ve been trying to work out some, I did 101 pull-ups the other day.  Pull up bars are great.  I eat oatmeal with protein powder for breakfast (my invention, as far as I know) and I eat a ton of tuna.  Another little invention of mine as far as I know is I put Grapenuts in it, it’s good.  And Greek yogurt seems easier and cheaper to buy.

Elder Pyron

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