Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21

Dear family,
     So yes I got the card, there are 6 in the district and mail is no different.  They just don’t have mailboxes in Mesquite so they do mail weird so not every missionary has to have keys and go to the post office daily.  I did get Bompa's letter. 
     It’s crazy I totally didn’t realize my birthday was near til like yesterday, I didn’t think I could ever care so little about a birthday, it’s ridiculous.  So Bishop Sleppy is still funny, yesterday he was conducting, gave more on the spot callings, and started by saying "good morning" and then a lot of the congregation responded "good morning", and then he said "just because I’m not brown doesn’t mean I can’t be cordial", and that wasn’t at all a big deal to anyone, it’s amazing how calmly they heard it. 
     Well, things are going good this week.  Elder Fiddler has lost 12 lbs in the past few weeks.  You’ve asked about the protein powder, its EAS soy protein, an old missionary left some I finished off and then I just got another of the same. 
     We’ve had a lot of good small successes this week.  Wednesday we met a family from Germany right outside the library, they just came here, and are living out of their car looking for work. They just dress and walk and talk like typical tourists, it’s funny, but they’re here for good.  They asked about who we were because they heard this is a good town because of all the Mormons, so we taught them a brief first lesson outside in front of the library and they liked it a lot, and it was all brand new, they knew nothing, not even sure if we believed in God, so they didn’t know if we were a religion or what… but then we walked out into the parking lot so we could show them the steeple on the chapel, and then offered to walk down to tour it, so we walked down with them, and gave them a brief tour.  They were very impressed and fascinated, and excited to read from the Book of Mormon and write down questions, and they really like the picture I showed them of Christ in the Americas.  So they went their way afterwards, when I realized a baptism was going to start, then we ran over to Bill’s house, I super luckily found a German Book of Mormon, it’s a miracle how I found that, considering there’s no collection of foreign Book of Mormons there, we were in a hurry, and it was under a coat in the kitchen where no books are ever kept, and we didn’t even know there was a German one there, but we got it, ran after them gave them that one, and then they came back for the baptism.  It was way cool.  They were so excited to get the German Book of Mormon, and to study English between the two.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see them at church like we expected, but they were definitely genuinely excited.  And earlier that morning we got another 3 new investigators, we were trying to find an old former, but I had a brain fart, totally went to the wrong door, and there we met a woman who had heard a lot about the church from some people we teach, and was really excited about the things she heard, so we set a time to come teach her, her husband, and son, and they were very excited as well, so it was great.
     Friday we came back to a busy couple we met tracting, they let us in, said they had talked with missionaries before and just liked to talk.  They were way cool, both truck drivers for Walmart, he’s really funny and outgoing, he has huge trust in God.  We taught a great brief first lesson, and they definitely caught the spirit of it, and asked some questions.  I really like him, he’s really goofy, but it’s just the perfect note of goofy/funny but down to earth, teasing but respectful, questioning, but listening... so we’re going back there, and have interest in checking out the family history center, and definitely received the Book of Mormon gladly and excitedly, they said they had "some floating around somewhere" but definitely still wanted one, I think they understood its value from the first time.  So I’m really excited there.  He also talked about journal writing and kind of testified of its value, as he kind of rebuked me for my answer to his questions about our contact with family while on the mission. 
     So yeah, I’m excited.  Lot's of people we teach were all at church, and we should be meeting soon.  Friday we visited kind of a random less active woman who at first was pretty standoffish and all but as we persisted and talked she then opened up, and talked about her situation. She’s now married to a nonmember and all, but just "not ready yet".  So we left thinking it was just a good little seed on her way to "get ready" but then to our surprise we saw her at church, she talked to us, and said her 9 year old daughter would like to be baptized, and we set up a time where her husband will be home and we can teach her.  So that was great to see.   
     So it’s been a fun week, and we’ve had a few other good experiences tracting and all.  Oh, and J, I mentioned earlier said in the early 90s, he was working with an insurance company in fire protection, in San Mateo...  he asked for your name and it didn’t ring a bell.  He said it was a small company a friend of his owned, but then he tried to sell it to him, and he left.  I mentioned you were with Kemper and he was familiar.  But so close.  I doubt you’d know him but he’s like 6'2-3, thin and was commuting from Sacramento at the time.  But that’s kind of it here for me. 
     Elder Pyron

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