Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monday, May 6

Dear Family,
      First of all, happy birthday mom and dad, sorry I missed it earlier.  So for skype we’re still setting one up but could you guys make me an account and give me the username and password? Just have it ready for me if/when I or a member asks like Sunday AM.  What times don’t work for you?  And about the bike, yes more will be on bike, but they are also getting a lot of new cars, and I still have my bike. (I spent my third transfer on one). 
     But anyways, Monday night we taught two friends of the family we ate dinner with, they were two 17 year old girls.  Both are from Christian homes and have attended some youth activities or whatever and we’re doing another lesson tonight, so hopefully those go well. 
     So this week we've been tracting a lot, we've met a lot of interesting people, got to talk to some really cool people with all sorts of different views on things, and we met quite a few less actives by accidentally tracting into them.  One was a lady, who has been a cocktail waitress on the strip for 20 years, has been inactive just as long, isn't in our ward records (until now), but she does a lot of missionary work.  She has plans to work with a certain neighbor, has worked with others, and apparently used to give out cards at work as a waitress... She’s super nice and kind of crazy busy.  She gardens and loves sharing those things and how great they are, and always trying to give us a ton of food, and we’re going back for steak Friday.  She really likes the gospel, but doesn't fully understand certain parts.  Anyways that was cool.
     But we also got a new investigator K that just got passed by some other missionaries. He’s attended church twice, really likes it, but likes to take things slowly, and doesn't want to meet with missionaries yet.  J couldn't make church yesterday, he pulled his hamstring really bad and his dad wants it rested.  But we had a great lesson Tuesday.  He was just really happy, we met outside and the weather was perfect.  He asked a lot about the mission, and what deacons, teachers and priests were, and he thought it sounds awesome. I think he wants to serve a mission, so we talked a lot about baptism and his parental situation.  His dad says he’s ok with whatever J wants to do.  J isn't quite to the point where he KNOWS it’s what needs to happen, because if he did, he would act on it more boldly.  We also went through the pictures in the beginning of the Book of Mormon, he shocked me how much he remembered, it’s been a long time, but he’s real got a visual memory.  He knew who Ishmael and everyone was, and has started reading in class again, he had lost it for a while and was reading the Bible.  But he’s going to be moving within a month it looks like, either to Green Valley (Henderson) or to Palo Verde which is close to where I live, and our zone, but not our ward.  I think he’s starting to lean toward Green Valley, he lived there a while back, and it’s not a bad area, but it’s up to his dad.  So we’ll see. They’re actually looking into the apartments where I live which would be neat.  But so Wednesday night we walked with him up to mutual and half way there a member on their way with a kid close in age was stopped at a red light and he got in, it sounds like he enjoyed it. That was his first time.  But yeah, he’s a great kid. 
     This week we had exchanges twice, that was fun, both times I stayed in our area.  We met one less active that looked just like Count Olaf or whatever, with weird hair like spike backwards (maybe 75 years old), and he had one leg like 10 inches shorter than the other, so he had one shoe that had a 10 inch sole, it was creepy looking, but he was a nice guy, actually from Detroit and watching a Tigers game when we walked in.  A was at church again, we got to meet his older brother the other day, they’re great kids.  S couldn't meet this week, but we will soon. 
     Elder R is learning a lot, we’re going through different Book of Mormon stories and stuff. Yesterday we did another little FHE with the Ss and G, her son is going to be baptized June 1st or 2nd which is exciting, his dad and grandfather are coming down to do that.  Anyways, I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.
     Love you all,
     Elder Pyron 

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