Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Monday, April 29

Dear Family,
     So things are still going good, we had a good week. So first, you asked about Elder R. We still get along well.  He’s extremely easy going, always smiling.  He’s a good listener and is humble. He learns something new every companionship study and I’m learning a lot in the process. He’s a good kid. But anyways, it’s been an interesting week.
     So Monday night we tracted into this home of a women with a young family, and at first had no interest in what we were saying (as she was very set in her other Christian views but finally accepted a visit on the terms that I would share only from the Bible.) We talked on the porch for almost an hour before that happened and then her husband got off work and we came in and talked an hour more. It's fun learning from others views of the Bible, and different passages. She has it strong in her head we don’t believe Christ to be a deity and that we are good people severely misled by Satan’s hand and the publishings of man. They are very faithful Christians, really good people, really active in their church with great children and very strong testimonies of Jesus Christ. They are well studied. It kind of felt like a member’s home. But so we talked / taught a lot about her questions, especially relating to our belief in the atonement... that we know we can become something through Christ, vs. her belief we are nothing no matter what, saved by grace and faith (which she interpreted to be belief), and no works. It was really cool and I learned a lot in the teaching process. She really felt we came by for a reason and that was for her to teach one of us and she noted Elder R's smile and quiet sincerity, really felt this was for him, focused in on him, bearing her testimony, telling him not to care what I (Elder Pyron or the church thinks) but to keep it just between him and God. He was affected by her testimony and his eyes watered and he didn't say anything.  He wasn't about to be swayed by her teachings but he sure looked like he would have accepted an invitation from baptism by her. But they accepted a return appointment for Thursday, and they had all their materials ready to disprove us further, (none focused on Joseph Smith or anything, all just her apparent "Biblical responses to what we teach"). It was amazing, I learned a lot of new things through the Spirit, I knew I was so prepared spiritually, so many of the verses she brought up, I had happened to study the day before or so, and had a scripture based response to all of her concerns. It was really cool. We talked a lot about heaven and hell, Luke 16, and priesthood authority, and again, works being essential to faith, how the atonement frees us from the bands of death, making us free to do good, His way etc.  They didn't accept a return appointment but still very loving and nice, and their views of our religion I believe were truly changed.
     Wednesday we got a referral for someone that the Spanish missionaries had tracted into. He had served as a ward mission leader, high councilor etc, ordained 70 (when that happened oft) until he had his records removed 7 years ago. 8 years ago his wife had major concerns with polygamy and wanted to leave the church and stopped going and though he had no concerns, he wanted to bring her back, so he studied and prayed much in order to do so, and after a year decided he no longer believed it to be true. We met with him for a long while though he doesn't care to change. He’s a very spiritual man, (he doesn't look like one, he looks like an ordinary handyman). He has a belief in God, and Christ, but not Joseph Smith or the church. But every morning when he prays he thanks God for the LDS Church, his time in it, and all he learned. He "receives deep revelations from the Holy Ghost" and has a book he gave me about his religious beliefs - So basically God is perfect, aka complete, so we cannot give him increase. The only thing that can be perfect and added to his nothing. If you have nothing and add upon more nothingness, it is not changed, and there are evidences all in nature, the sun appears from nothing when coming over a can infinitely reduce a fraction but to start at zero and slowly add it increases, but begins at nothing. And love is more abundantly received by giving, so god is love and nothing, and Christ's atonement allows us to put off our imperfections which are something, so we can eventually be cleansed into nothing, which would be to more fully purify God, who IS nothing. So he has cool insights, his little revelations or ideas were something I really felt I could relate to...all the time in sacrament, things begin to make sense in an amazing way I can’t really describe, which was what he said he had his whole 40 years in the church. But he clearly took symbols too literal or something, or got carried away in tools for understanding to be the actual case, perceived inspired ideas to be revelations. And he says we are on earth with no complete truth present, so all are confused, able to follow as they may and thus clearly make their true nature manifest and absolute truth being accessed would bring greater condemnation. He believes the church is so great, so inspired, prophecies fulfilled etc, because we have the most faithful members, and God answers the faithful prayers most abundantly. So anyways that’s our probably one and only meeting with him.
     We had J at church again and he liked it again. We got to talk to his dad Tuesday... when he was growing up his dad rented a room to missionaries and so they heard all the lessons, really loved them as people, and the things they taught, but not to be true. So he’s way supportive of J studying and all, but not interested himself.  He’s a great coach and mentor to J, has done a lot for him.  But they’re moving real soon for the better high school.  So this is J's 8th grade year, his first running track. He just had his first meet, 8 schools, he got first in all 4 events. 2:17 half mile, 17 on long jump, 58 second 400, and in the 4x4 he ran last, got the baton in 3rd place and won.  And the mile is his best event but for some reason his name was scratched off that event.  He runs like a 4:50, hasn't timed in a while.  When I was in 6th and 8th grade I never saw anyone break 5. Not to mention first year running.  But anyways…
     So we also taught S again, this time at the grandmother’s.  She seemed much more comfortable, asked a lot of good questions, and really likes it.  She says it all sounds true and feels good.  She dropped out of high school, but by her questions and all you can tell she’s pretty smart, and wants to really understand.  When talking about the Spirit world, she had lots of questions about baptisms and work for the dead came up, and it was really special for her, and she’s excited to be baptized so she can do work for some friends she’s had pass. R loved it to and had good questions as well.  He clearly was/is a very talented good kid.… he’s very nice and personable, and you can tell he really is a smart guy. I really hope things work out for them; they've got so many problems, but so much potential. 
     And I guess the last big thing would be this guy S.  We tracted into him, he’s a less active member.  The house had like 50 huge Samoan guys all tatted and with weird braids, and one of them (S) came out and talked to us outside for a bit.  He was extremely nice, and wanted to meet up again.  So Saturday he came and met us at a park with his kids, and we talked for an hour or so, it was great.  He’s 25, grew up LDS and active, mostly in San Francisco, but some other cities in the west as well.  He said he grew up in the ghetto, his family is great, his parents are very active and because the neighborhood was dangerous, his dad set up a boxing ring in the front yard with a sign, so that people could make or lose their egos being big and bad without it being as dangerous and he talked about how he and his cousin would go out there and just destroy lines of people that would come fight.  So his dad had the missionaries over all the time and he really loved them but had a kid at 18 or 19, didn't straighten up enough to serve, and has mostly been less active for 6 years.  He’s got twins that are 6 as well as a two year old.  He lives with his Methodist girlfriend who is their mom and she’s also Samoan.  He lives with her family of sorts who are Methodist if anything, that’s why he met at the park. He told his kids to have questions for us so they asked about Jesus and prayer.  He’s an extremely good guy and loves people and the church.  If he could I think he’d "hang out with us" for hours everyday.  About two years ago he was active for about a month and then got a job where he worked on Sundays, moved out, and no one had contact til we tracted into him. No one realized he eventually moved back in.  So a few of the Elders Quorum members remember playing basketball with him and only have great things to say about him.  They’re excited to see him again and all.  But anyways that’s him, well probably meet with him quite a bit.
     But I’m running out of time, hope to hear from you all some more, love you all!
     Elder Pyron

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