Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 29

Dear Family!
     That storm sounds so exciting and I really wish I was there for that, I'm super jealous.  Thanks everyone for the birthday letters and gifts, hopefully I can get to writing more when I'm in my new place and settled. The confirmation went great, were gonna start doing the new member lessons and all I'm excited, he's really happy.  So I have all my transfer info, and I'm really excited.  I'll be with Elder C, in my area, and I will in fact be staying at another member's house, but I'm excited.  So Elder G served with Elder C about 3 months ago, and he has been training Elder P from my MTC district in Mesquite.  So Elder G thinks me and Elder C will be really good together, and I think so too.  I hear he's a really good missionary, and very hard working, and loves basketball, so I should be good!  I haven't played in forever but we can start going in the mornings again and all.  We're going to be on bike, but Brother C who I may have mentioned said he'll take us in the mornings, and now they play Monday-Thursday, not just Monday Wednesday.  Which brings me to bikes, and I'm going to buy Elder G's, who has no more need for his, it looks and feels nice, and he's the same size as me.  So I'll buy that for 60 he said, which I think is a steal.  Oh and a lot of the things I've heard about Elder C remind me of James and my MTC companion, good control over scheduling and belongings, which sounds good, me and Elder L were kind of the same, but at the same time like total opposites, and we worked good.
     So yeah I'm pumped for that, and that kind of brings me to today and yesterday, which are insanely busy and confused.  So yesterday we had church all day, and then after church, our battery was dead, no idea why.  We got jumped and then went to a lesson with W and J which went all right.  We got out and the car was dead again, so we left it and got dropped off at dinner.  Our dinner took us back afterwards to jump us again, but it didn't work, and we messed with it for about an hour with him.  His name is Brother B and he was the last bishop, and he's worked with cars a lot his life so he had all sorts of equipment and knew a lot, but we couldn't get it started, and so he took us home and we had it towed this morning.  The van is 2011 so were expecting a warranty.  Also, our apartment isn't in our ward, and new missionaries are coming, so Elder G is moving out today as well. (And then he goes home 12/4).  But so last night was when we found out where both of us are moving, and we've got all our stuff to pack and move to get to transfers, and we're without our van, so it's a mess and we're still not sure how were going to do it all, but we'll manage eventually I guess.
     So my birthday was awesome, we went to the T's and she made me a banana cream and strawberry filled vanilla cake.  And she's an artist and has been doing cakes for about two years so it was like fondue or whatever(fondant?) and it was a pair of pants, with a white shirt and and tie with my name on the name tag, all like cakeboss style, so you'll get pictures of that soon.  So that was fun, they're a cool family. We also had breakfast at K's new place, and they're pretty settled  and really happy with the new place, and hopefully their new ward went well.
     So although C still works, he got his nonmember wife to come Sunday and she did!  I set up a a ride for her with Sister T who also lives in the same apartments, and they came together, and looked like they laughed a lot and got to know each other.  Sister T was baptized a few years ago, has a nonmember husband, and has a son that passes the sacrament every week.  I called her because she's the only other member in those apartments, and it turned out she walks every Sunday (which is a ways) but promised she would make it work, and she did. She's a really nice lady, and seemed so excited and happy to be able to help and all, it may have been more for her then it was for C's wife.  And I just realized I missed this, but Wednesday night we had a return visit with C, which went awesome, he's been reading the Book of Mormon again, we read with him some, and he really enjoyed it.  He's a lot of fun too.  But so Wednesday night when we came, Elder G (who had never been to Cs) parked right by Cs place, but I knew he didn't know that it was close, and I felt like walking and enjoying the night time air, told him to park on the other side of the park in the middle (where I played basketball once).  So we do that, and as were getting out of the car, a black women on her porch called out and asked where the nearest Mormon church is.  We went over and talked to her, she was about 30, was baptized at 12 and then went inactive at about 17.  She was pretty new to California, and said she had been thinking about the church recently.  She said that a few weeks ago she had heard the missionaries were playing basketball there, and had got to thinking, and found her Book of Mormon!  We only played that one time, and I didn't think the people playing even knew we were missionaries!  Hopefully she heard some good stuff, but any ways I thought that was super cool, and we're working on getting her set up with visiting teachers and the Bishop and all.
     But yeah, a lot has been the same old, we had a drunk guy approach us the other day asking about Mitt Romney, but he was calm, and held himself alright.  He said he respected all we were doing and all that, but was just curious.  From just the text of his words you probably couldn't tell he was drunk, but he had a can of beer in his hand, and his voice was all slurred and he couldn't walk right.  He had lived in Virginia a bit which is neat, I swear everyone I meet has an encounter with Virginia.  It's so surprising how many people I meet that raise their eye brows when I say Virginia, but I don't think anyone has actually named someone that I know.  Actually one person named a family from like Mechanicsville that I knew, but I can't even remember who now.
     We had dinner the other day with someone in Elder Gs ward who was a convert of about 3 years, super interesting.  He was baptized three years ago, has been through about 20 some temples, attended general conference, and goes to the temple about 3 times a week.  He takes the bus and it takes him all day.  So he lives in this apartment, and the whole things is super clean, candles and stuff, temple and Christ pictures everywhere and he has a really nice sound system that he plays Mo Tab on.  It's like the most Spirit inviting, clean, soft, home ever; it shocks me that he has the ability to give it the beauty and essence it does, it's not like gaudy and full of church stuff, it's actually REALLY nice.  He's a got a roomate who's a recent RM, just working.  They both also love to cook and stuff and have a fish tank.  But yeah, that's another cool person we've met.
     We got some referrals, and had a an older Indian man come to church who we will be having a lesson with this week.  And just now as I'm typing I just got 3 messages from the referral office I haven't checked so I'm excited.  But work seems to really be setting up to pick up, especially with J and the Indian man.  So I think Elder C and I can get a lot done and I'm really excited, not to mention it's been for ever since we've been to Westcliff.  I meet so many interesting members, I wish I could talk about so many.  Oh and I don't have my address yet.  And the guy who lives there I hear is super interesting, is extremely studied on Jewish culture and stuff, and does a ton of volunteer things at the local synagogue or whatever.  Oh and so we had my last lesson with A, she is doing awesome and loving the gospel, her son loved nursery and stuff the other day, and her 16 year old daughter enjoyed it too.  And in our Gospel Principles lesson, it's so cool, the way she answers questions, volunteers, and understands would make you think she's a member.  I still haven't heard back about voting, but hopefully I can. I'm doing awesome, and I'm gonna try and find new pants soon, and hopefully I'll write you all some more.  Thanks so much for everything, don't write to my apartment, and I'll talk to you all again soon,
Love Elder Pyron

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