Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monday, October 22

Dear Family,
     So first of all, we get a key in our mailbox which opens the package box, so the boxes make it safe.  Thank you everyone that has sent anything, I'm sorry I am bad at writing.  Oh, mom, the voter thing was apparently the wrong form so they sent a new one, but I should be set.  So I'll start with today and then work back.  This morning we got up at 5 and went with the zone leaders on a hike to the top of a mountain, to see the strip all lit, and the sunrise.  I took pictures of that,  I'm trying to do better.  And then because of the weird-ish day, I opened the presents, so I can study and be back on schedule for my birthday.  The ties were really good, I really liked the striped one especially.  I have not yet read the letters, I'm saving those for tomorrow since they'll probably be the best part.  The Zone Leaders also came by and we had a lot of bacon, someone gave them 25 lbs of bacon and they've got no freezer space, so that was fun.  It's a bummer the emails come late.
     So first, we rarely play volleyball anymore and the sand is really cold in the AM.  No one's that good so it doesn't bother me.  Monday before our activity we went to a local skate shop, which was a lot of fun, seeing new things I like, and seeing companies and what's popular and all has changed.  On shirts, posters, and deck graphics there's a lot of cool artists in the skateboard scene so that was a ton of fun, we and the ZLs spent about an hour there.  (Elder G is a sponsored downhill longboarder).  I bought an Element shirt I liked for $10, I promise that's the only thing I've bought.  But then we went and played ultimate frisbee and volleyball for pday was fun especially ultimate but it wears people out so we only played 15 minutes.  It's embarrassing, I was sore a few days later... It's been a while since I've played basketball.
     So Art's baptism was really good, we had stake conference so he hasn't been confirmed yet.  His daughter was very excited at the baptism, cried and took a lot pictures, and filmed everything but the ordinance on an ipad.  Art is a very stern and private type person, but he wasn't at all at the baptism.  He thanked everyone individually for coming pretty much even though he wanted it really small, and he bore a good testimony which isn't usually his type of thing.  It was a very good experience, I said the opening prayer and was a witness.  I didn't know I was doing that til they announced it as he was entering, but it's easy.  I am also giving him his confirmation on Sunday, which I am a little nervous about, but it's no big deal.  Well the confirmation is, but not the nervous.
     So we had another really good lesson with A, she is an amazing women.  She works 60 hours a week as a single mother, takes great care of her kids, and is a very nice lady.  You can tell she's really smart, and mothering is her first priority.  Her 2 year old son Justin is one of the smartest and best behaved two year olds I've ever seen, and her 16 year old daughter does great at helping out and all.  I wish I had more time, but anyways, were meeting again this week, and I'm excited, she is very smart, well read, and appropriately skeptical and questioning, but the Spirit has certainly prepared her and everything we have talked about has made total sense to her.
     So on Saturday, we got to help K move into his new place.  His couch was too big, so we had two people stand on a railing, and had two in the window, and we somehow got it through the second story window.  It was really cool, I wish we had pictures.
     So Elder G is good to serve with, but I am ready to go back to Evergreen and Westcliff with a new companion.  I think he was a good missionary, loved his time and the gospel, but he is very trunkie, and ready to go.  December 4th for him.  I'm out October 29.  He's about 6'0, thin and very athletic, but doesn't like sports or anything with a ball really.  He longboarded and likes stuff like climbing and cliff jumping or just being active in other ways.  He's from Edmonton Canada, and a lifelong member.  We get along fine, and he LOVES to talk.  He's great.  He's really into like survivalism I guess, like Dwight Schrute type stuff but to a much lesser extent obviously.
      So we drive a mini van with no middle seats, so it's a mess and we cleaned it the other day.  I found an Ensign with Sheryl Garner on the back, and intro thing to her profile which I though was really neat. Our water isn't that good so I drink a ton of water bottles, and it's weird, as much as I tried not to recycle at home, I feel really bad throwing them away, and look to recycle.  Nevada isn't at all into recycling which is different.  Another thing, there's Panda Expresses all over which is awesome, and same with Cafe Rios and Costa Vitas which are also good.  When we go anywhere, just about always a member that happens to be in there pays for us secretly.  Everywhere but McDonald's.  The other day it happened, and Elder G recognized him...Brother Thomas, who has an indoor rock climbing wall, and a helicopter with a helicopter pad on his roof and yacht.  His family also donated the UNLV basketball court, the "Thomas and Mack Center" so I didn't feel too bad after knowing that.
     So yeah, there's always so much more I want to share, but times running down.  I've got so much I like want to ask about and stuff, but it's a lot of unimportant stuff.  So here and there I have caught glimpses of the Tigers and it looks like they're doing good, keep me posted on that too!  President Black and the stake is still trying to find me a place to live at the end of the transfer, so I'm really curious about that.  
     Thanks mom and dad especially for your letters, the thing on sacrament was really interesting, and dad you did a good job answering questions.  The articles were really good, and the article on Brother Y I could have written myself, nothing's changed.   Oh, our stake confderence the other day was really good too, there were a lot of really great speakers, and I got to see D, who I had taught twice while on splits, and he was recently baptized.   Man I've got a lot more, but thank you so much everyone, your prayers and contacts mean so much.
Love, Elder Pyron

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