Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday, September 23

This picture was sent to us yesterday.

Dear family,
     So this week has been of course another good one.  J is still doing good.  The other J finished the Doctrine and Covenants, asked simple questions about polygamy and tithing from her reading, but all made good sense to her and stuff.  We had some good lessons with P and A; the first one we tried to watch The Testaments but their kindergarten daughter was disruptive so it didn't go too well.  But they watched it again on their own, then we talked again.  P said he had a problem believing those things because they're different than what he was taught his whole life.  He believes in Christ, and Adam and Eve, and that there is no hell as many see it, and those are kind of his 3 main things he thinks everyone knows, so we tried to help him understand spiritual learning, how he knows he loves his kids, and can pray and learn, so it went well.
     We also found out we are trading the first ward for the 3rd to accommodate biking, which is hard, but I'm excited.  K and J aren't excited, or P and A or J or R and N.  I hope things go well.  Today's a weird pday because there's transfers and all, and most everyone has to go down to Vegas, and two are going home.  Biking has been fun, we have to go up a big hill to make it home; my companion hasn't quite made it yet, but he will.  We're talking more for real about a diet and all; some random members sat us down after dinner and told us their diet so... it's been a pretty good week. We get to see C and K again with this new ward which is cool.  And their bishop is much talked about, I'd heard about him before I came to Mesquite.
     My bike was an easy fix, I had tried to raise the handlebars more then what they can so it was loose and came undone.
Elder Pyron

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