Nathanael Pyron

Nathanael Pyron

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, April 8

At a training meeting for trainers

Dear Family, 
     So things are going good, I'll hopefully write and send the SD card soon.  Today is transfers.  Our area split so Elder P will go to Hillpointe and live with a member on bike, and I'm staying in Cimarron and in our apartment and am going to train and be district leader, so at least I'll keep the car.  Today we'll probably stay at home as Elder P has  tons to pack still.  But I'm excited for this transfer.  Elder P (a different one, who was also in the apartment) is leaving which is unfortunate, but it will be so much easier to only have one ward.  In Hillpointe we have a baptism on Saturday, for C, which is exciting.  But this week we've been pretty busy with General Conference and all, and getting Elder P situated, and some meetings, but we still got quite a few lessons.  

     We haven't got in touch with A since our first lesson which is really unfortunate, but we'll be able to lock down a little more now.  We had a good lesson with J, it had been a long time and he's an awesome kid.  He talked a lot about his life. He's still interested in the church, but his dad is just really supportive of him being religious, but doesn't have a particular interest.  Recently he's had some trouble at school, with people starting fights with him, the day we saw him he had been hit several times while playing basketball at school, but didn't hit back or anything, and shortly him and his dad are moving to a different apartment so he can go to a better high school, (he's in 8th grade), and that apartment complex is still close, and his new high school is going to  be full of LDS kids, and lots that play basketball... right now he knows 1 LDS kid.. So we're excited for him. 
     We got to meet with A, and she talked a lot about a lot of family problems she's been having, but I think conference was great for her, just like we told her when we met.  So what were you alls favorite conference talks?  I liked Elder Holland's a lot, and also some of the Seventy's. And President Uchtdorf's, and some more  are coming to mind, but I'm not 100% on the speaker's name.  I got 47 pages of notes though.      
      Anyways, so some members have been talking quite a bit about that Kevin Ware deal, and showed pictures and the clip... how does that happen? why did have to? My ankle's still swollen but it strikes so much fear in me to play basketball, all he did was jump and land wrong, I can't even imagine a way you could land so wrong that the pressure would be I don't even know how not to land...geez, and so what are they saying about recovery time and extent and all, or do they have any sort of neat insight of why that happened, how did the ankle and knee both avoid it? Any ways, enough of that. 
     But my shoes are real worn, but I'm bummed because they're way comfortable.  There's a few holes and all, but anyways that's for me to figure out.  Well, hope everything's going well and hopefully I'll get back to you soon! 
     Elder Pyron

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